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Data Scientist

Reward: 500 €

Type of contract: Freelance

Sector: HealthCare

Region: Brussel/Bruxelles

Date: from 01 September 2017 to 31 December 2017

Client :

International company leader in its sector.

Description :

* define the target governance, process and tooling around data science initiatives
* interact with business stakeholders to understand the business context of the initiatives
* understand the available data and agree with business experts on the set of relevant data that need to be collected
* take the responsibility of the data preparation phases aiming at transforming raw data into datasets that are suitable for further analysis and processing
* build data models in line with the objectives of each initiative using the appropriate tools and techniques
* report on the outcomes of data science initiatives and define the process through which the resulting models will be deployed for use in a productive environment (industrialization) when relevant

* previous relevant experience as data scientist within various industries
* broad experience with data science / data mining initiatives and underlying techniques
* up-to-date knowledge of and experience with common data science techniques
* strong programming skills (in relevant languages like R or Python)
* experience with big data technologies (e.g. Hadoop)

Freelance mission starting asap for a 6-month duration (extendable)