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Program manager - Brussels

Reward: 1000 €

Type of contract: Employee

Sector: Telecom

Region: Brussel/Bruxelles

Client :

My client is an international company employing roughly 1500 employees in Belgium. The company is located not far away from the Zaventem airport.

Description :


My client is currently launching various large transformation programs. One of these aims to review the entire "customer journey" that is too tedious and complex today. It's also aimed at giving the business more control over IT tools that due to their current complexity are not used at optimal capacity.

High level job description:

* The program manager handles a program from the conception phase until its delivery.
* During the conception phase business stakeholders are met to define business cases, define real business goals and challenge these.
* He/She sets program priorities, explains why choices are made and defines ROI
* Once a program gets the green light, the program manager coordinates several project managers and makes sure that potential Risk is covered, and that projects are constantly aligned in a rapidly changing environment.
* He/She provides regular reporting of program status at management level


* Experience of at least a few years in program management in a similar context.
* English fluent, any knowledge of French or Dutch is a plus
* A "hands-on" and practical mentality
* You are disciplined and organized - you get your energy from bringing structure to chaos
* Able to absorb a lot of information and filter out the essential for a positive move forward
* A technical (IT- background) is not necessary, but nevertheless you are able to understand the high level goals of a program that involves an important IT component.


* Next to a competitive salary you can look forward to flexible working hours, home working, a company car, 32 days holiday and the usual perks (insurance, pension, meal vouchers, ....)