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IAM Engineer & Consultant

Prime: 1000 €

Type de contrat: Indépendant

Secteur: Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)

Lieu: Brussel/Bruxelles

Date: du 01 octobre 2017 au 31 mars 2018

Client :

International corporate company in financial sector.

Description :

* Execute operational delivery of I&AM process solution implementation, maintenance, and improvement.
* Assist team members with the execution of I&AM services in line with defined processes, policies and comply with applicable information security requirements.
* Engage with HR, Finance and Procurement to ensure visibility of joiners/movers/leavers requirements and processes.
* Drive continuous improvements across I&AM related services:

* Experience of Certificates and Token management (such as RSA)
* Experience of I&AM activities within a large organisation context.
* Experience of executing operational and administrative activities.
* Knowledge of I&AM products (such as Sailpoint, CyberArk, Lieberman).
* Understand basic access control good practice (such as role-based access control).
* Knowledge of one or more of the platforms (and the platform relate security tools) for which our teams manage security information: Mainframe, Tandem, Windows, Unix, Network, ….

6 month freelance mission (extendable)