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RSA Aveksa IAM Expert

Prime: 1000 €

Type de contrat: Indépendant

Secteur: Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)

Lieu: Brussel/Bruxelles

Date: du 01 novembre 2017 au 31 mars 2018

Client :

International corporate company based in Brussels.

Description :

* Contribute to the shift from a single authentication to an enterprise network, to dozens of authentications to applications and related data, from multiple user devices, across cloud and on-premise infrastructures.
* Consistently enforce identity and access policies across the enterprise and cloud.
* Define rich user profiles and increase the convenience of managing user identities, allowing to continue building "situational perimeters" that can flexibly enforce security whenever and wherever users interact with corporate data and resources.

* Minimum 10 years' proven experience as an IAM Expert in corporate companies
* Broad knowledge and experience with "RSA Aveksa Identity Access Management and Governance" (IAM) platform
* Fluent in English

Freelance contract on a full-time basis located in Brussels.