Xpertize was born in 2006 from the reflection of recruitment specialists, observing a strong lack of innovation in the field and intrigued by newly emerging social behaviours.

Conscious of the impact in recruitment of a private social media such as Facebook, or a professional one such as LinkedIn, or even a mixed media such as Twitter, they created a company and a platform that optimize these new networking tools to create recruitment opportunities.

Vincent De Meerleer, Cédric van Kan, Axel Lannoy et Grégory Centner created a structure, Fill the Gap SA, and developed a platform, www.Xpertize.be, that aims to facilitate the candidate identification process by rewarding those who successfully share job opportunities within their networks.

After 3 years, the company formalized its dual approach (head hunting & social hunting) and developed a strong client network from large multinationals to small local businesses, mainly focusing on Finance, IT Services, Communication & Marketing and Management Consulting. 

In 2010, Arkafund (Corelio) became an active partner and took a shareholding in the firm. The direct credibility of such recognized media group, expert in new media, offers new possibilities for Xpertize to promotes its approach, to develop the Connectors database (Xpertize’s ambassadors who share the job opportunities within their network), and to attract new clients.