Services & Methodology

Xpertize supports its clients in searching for specialized profiles (employees or contractors) pertaining to the following competency domains:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Communication, marketing and public relations
  • IT Services
  • Management & business consulting
  • Real estate

Xpertize acts as a true Business Partner for its clients by supporting their various phases of growth as each recruitment consultant demonstrates a specific operational expertise.

Our consultants also demonstrate a profound knowledge of various sectors such as finance, management consulting, telecommunication, and new media. Over the years, they have indeed developed a significant network in each of these sectors, which naturally constitutes a strong asset when launching a new mission. 

Our unique methodology combines the following:

  • Intake:
    getting to know our client (environment, culture, management style, …) and understand his needs, which constitutes the very basis of each mission ;
  • Social hunting:
    posting of our job offers on our website, which is a unique candidate identification tool that allows to publish and pass on job offers via the site members (close to 20.000). Each member can refer friends and acquaintances for a specific published job. All members also have the possibility to pass on and publish the jobs via their own Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts by activating the link via or by using the iPhone Xpertize application;
  • Head hunting:
    direct approach of targeted candidates demonstrating the ideal set of competences, based on our client’s needs, with whom we discuss the function and the mutual interests in joining our client’s firm;
  • Screening and interview:
    detailed analysis of all incoming profiles, whether directly identified by our consultants or referred by one of our members. All screened profiles that answer our clients’ needs are then systematically interviewed by a consultant dedicated to that specific mission;
  • Professional Reference Check:
    each candidate evaluation conducted by one of our dedicated consultants is also composed of testimonials gathered amongst professionals who have directly worked with the candidate;
  • Candidate Introduction:
    presentation of individual candidate presentation files to the client, composed of a CV and a competency analysis that results from the interview and the professional reference check;
  • Recruitment Process management:
    our consultants handle each step of the mission, including the planning of interviews with the client and the gathering of feedbacks from all parties. They also help facilitate the package negotiation process;
  • Candidate integration:
    once the candidate has started working at the client firm, our consultants ensure an attentive follow-up of the candidate’s integration in order to make sure that the previously discussed expectations are met for both the candidate and the client.