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TIBCO Spotfire Developer

Reward: 1000 €

Type of contract: Freelance

Sector: HealthCare

Region: Brabant Wallon

Date: from 22 November 2017 to 31 December 2018

Client :

Corporate international pharma company.

Description :

* Ensure that existing enhancements still operate as expected after upgrade to version 7.10
* Reviewing the source code of existing customized Spotfire functionalities to understand how they currently operate
* Adapting these functionalities so that they still work in line with user requirements after upgrade from Spotfire 7.0 to Spotfire 7.10
* Performing the root cause analysis of limitations faced with the existing functionalities and proposing options to overcome those limitations
* Taking responsibility for the practical implementation of the agreed solution, its technical documentation and its unit testing

* Bachelor / master degree in computer science complemented with at least 5 years of relevant experience.
* Broad experience with TIBCO Spotfire, incl. hands-on development of customized applications
* Very good knowledge of existing TIBCO Spotfire application programming interfaces (APIs)
* Proficiency with relevant programming languages
* Strong technical capabilities with a good understanding of functional/business needs
* Structured working method/disciplined
* Ability to complete his(her) role with limited supervision
* Knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment is an asset.

12-month mission freelance contract.